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25.10.2023 09:15 - 16:30 Uhr Neuss

Bioeconomy Science Center: 8th NRW-PhD Day „Future Bioeconomy“

Thema diesmal für Studierende: "Biomass as feedstock - Limitations, Challenges, Chances"

Switching the industry from fossil to bio-based feedstocks comes with various challenges and "possible" does not always mean "feasible". Questions will be addressed like:

How can a sustainable and sufficient supply of biomass of consistent quality be achieved?
How flexible must and can the processing of diverse biomass be, to produce platform chemicals?
What are risks and opportunities of using residues and side streams?
What are legal hurdles?
What is the role of logistics and raw material distribution?
What does this mean e.g. for the CO2 footprint?

The NRW PhD Day aims at gathering young scientists from different scientific fields and locations in NRW and providing them a frame for networking and discussions about future developments and career paths in the bioeconomy.

Anmeldung bis 15.10.2023

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Ingar Janzik
Bioeconomy Science Center