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Innovative agriculture

Topic "Innovative Agriculture"

The innovation labs in topic "Innovative agriculture" develop technology and value-added concepts for an economic sector that is traditionally of high importance in the Rhenish mining region. 

As a production site for food and renewable raw materials, agriculture is a key sector of the bioeconomy. The innovation labs in the topic "Innovative Agriculture" address in particular the different challenges and needs of agriculture in the Rhenish mining region. 

It offers regionally effective solutions ranging from resource-efficient crop production and value creation through new crops and biodiversity to the combination of land use and energy production as well as the establishment of new information systems for agricultural applications. 

Six innovation labs are grouped in the topic "Innovative agriculture". All of them aim to have a structurally changing effect in the Rhenish mining region. They prepare the ground for job creation and contribute to the market maturity of innovative products and technologies.

Agrorobotics, AI and digital systems for agriculture

BrainergyLab: The BrainergyLab development and test center provides a platform for farmers, companies and researchers to test new technologies such as agricultural robotics, digital systems and artificial intelligence for a resource-optimized and modern agriculture of the future.

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Digital real-time geodata for the Rhenish mining region

The innovation lab DG-RR is developing a digital geodata infrastructure for the Rhenish mining region to be able to make real-time predictions on, for example, solar radiation, water capacity and total evaporation with the aid of new measurement techniques and modeling, and thereby provide data for efficient land and water management.

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Herbs, aromatic and medicinal plants from the Rhenish mining region

The innovation lab Circular PhytoREVIER is a platform to create of new biogenic value-added chains with herbs, aromatic and medicinal plants in the Rhenish mining region, which includes the breeding of yield-optimized plants, their high-yield cultivation as well as active ingredient extraction and product development. 

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Living labs for resource-efficient crop production

AgroInnovationLabs: In this innovation lab, researchers, companies and farmers test new plant management and cultivation systems in living labs in the Rhenish mining region. The tests are implemented on soils with different levels of marginality, such as non-recultivated open-cast mining areas.

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Coupling photovoltaics and crop production

AgriFEe: In the innovation lab Agri Food-Energy-Park, a demonstrator investigates the efficient use of solar modules over various crops such as berry bushes or medicinal and aromatic plants.

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Clean water and bio-fertilizer from algae

AlgaeFertilizerBox: The innovation lab AlgaeFertilizerBox develops a container-based system for algae-based wastewater treatment of lightly polluted wastewater and simultaneous production of algae biomass with valuable nutrients for use as, for example, bio-based fertilizer or soil conditioner.

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