More sustainability in agricultural production

New sources of income for farmers through the bioeconomy

The best soils and a mild climate are ideal conditions for producing high-quality food in the Rhineland. Accordingly, the food and animal feed industries are strongly represented in the region.

Domestic agriculture is facing various structural upheavals. In addition, climate change and the loss of land are forcing us to rethink. The aim is to create new, innovative sources of income - with a view to producing valuable raw materials, adding value to bio-based residues and treating the environment with care.

The people of the region should continue to be supplied with safe, regional food in the future.

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Prognos Study "Raw Materials and Food"

What is the bioeconomic potential of the agricultural and food sectors in the Rhenish mining area? And what do the biomass material flows look like?

An important building block on the road to a regional bioeconomy strategy.

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Innovative cultivation system

Agroforestry is a form of land use in which woody plants are combined with arable crops or animal farming on one area.

On this topic, the BioökonomieREVIER coordination office regularly offers digital talks with experts and advice for regional agriculture. Contact us!

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Innovation labs
Innovative agriculture

Learn more about new technology and value creation approaches. Agricultural research at the interfaces to digitalisation, automation, energy and resources and with a view to nature and climate protection are an important field of action of BioökonomieREVIER. 

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