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Integrated biorefinery

Topic "Integrated biorefinery"

The innovation labs covering the topic "Integrated biorefinery" bring together industry-related research projects that develop integrative overall concepts for the production of chemicals from renewable raw materials. 

The focus is on upscaling plants and processes, the use of carbohydrate-containing residue streams and gases, zero-waste technologies and decentralized, mobile process concepts. Research activities aim to replace fossil-fueled petroleum refineries with bio-based processes and technologies. These innovation labs benefit from its proximity to the chemical industry along the Rhine. Technologies with a high technology readiness level (TRL 4-7) are developed that will enable the successful transfer of future-oriented bioeconomy approaches to regional industry in the Rhenish mining region. 

Four innovation labs are grouped in the topic "Integrated biorefinery". All of them aim to have a structure-changing effect in the Rhenish mining region. They prepare the ground for job creation and contribute to the market maturity of innovative products and technologies.


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Upcycling organic residues for the chemical industry

The innovation lab UpRePP recycles regional organic residue streams from agricultural and food industries in cooperation with local companies for the production of bio-based platform chemicals. 

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Electrochemical separation technology and plants

The innovation lab ZeTA develops prototypical separation processes for the production of platform chemicals, e.g. to avoid the emission of salts in biorefinery processes in order to make them more competitive.

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Decentralized modular biorefinery containers

The innovation lab DeMoBio develops a concept for flexibly deployable modular biorefinery containers to process biomass and residual and waste materials directly at the point of origin into bio-based platform chemicals.

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Preparing obsoletebiogas plants for the future

GasValor addresses the utilization of the greenhouse gases methane and CO2 from biogas plants to obtain, for example, intermediate products for bioplastics or solvents through gas fermentation and to increase the profitability of biogas plants.

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