Get involved in the structural change

How can I get involved?

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Structural change has many facets. Transforming to a model region for sustainable and circular bioeconomy can only succeed if a wide variety of actors from the region tackle the transition together. 

Get in touch and get involved! It's about our common future in the Rhenish mining region - for a liveable environment and new, interesting jobs for all of us and future generations. 

There are many ways to get involved: as a citizen, farmer, researcher, local authority or business representative. The coordination office BioökonomieREVIER would like to work together with all of you on this ambitious vision of the future. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

With our mobile exhibition BioökonomieMOBIL, we invite you to directly exchange with us on bioeconomy and its potential to transform the Rhenish mining region. The exhibition showcases bioeconomy innovation to experience and touch.

Citizens' meeting BioökonomieREVIER
Considering citizens’ recommendations

Land protection, sustainability and citizen participation: find out the positions of official bodies on the results of the citizen engagement process. 

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Bioeconomy in action
The stakeholder map of BioökonomieREVIER

Service: identify SMEs and other actors in the bioeconomy of the Rhenish mining region, sorted by relevant sectors. We invite you to also register your company and actively participate in the model region for the bioeconomy. 

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Innovation award for students
These are our winners in 2021

Six innovative theses in the field of bioecoomy were awarded with the BioDENKER for students. 

Learn more about the winners and the awarded theses. 

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Regional portal of knowledge
Mobile app BioökonomieREVIER

What happens in the Rhenish mining region in terms of bioeconomy? Which events take place? Which projects and initiatives are there? The mobile app BioökonomieREVIER provides all of this in a practical map. 

In the app you can report your own bioeconomy activities directly to us and expand your individual network! 

Available for free in the App Store for iOS and Android. 

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Touch and experience
Mobile exhibition BioökonomieMOBIL

Experience and get to know bio-based innovations with augmented reality in our mobile exhibition. Contact us if you would like the BioökonomieMOBIL to visit you at your event. 

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Sustainable land use
Citizen engagement for bioeconomy

The population is actively involved in establishing a model region for sustainable and circular bioeconomy in the Rhenish mining region. 

Learn more about innovative, dialog-oriented activities. 

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Coordination Office BioökonomieREVIER

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