Together with bioeconomy in structural change

How can I join in?

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Structural change has many facets and the vision of a model region for sustainable, bio-based economic activity after the coal phase-out can only succeed in the long term if a wide variety of people from the region do it together.

Get in touch and join in! It's about our common future in the Rhenish mining area - for a liveable environment and new, interesting jobs for all of us and future generations.

There are many ways to get involved: as a citizen, farmer, scientist, local authority or business representative. The BioökonomieREVIER coordination office would like to work together with all of you on this ambitious vision of the future. Feel free to get in touch with your contact person.

With our BioökonomieMOBIL, we would like to talk to you in a Tiny House on site in the region. Here you can experience the bioeconomy at first hand.

Help shape the future online

Now it's up to the citizens!

Contribute your wishes and ideas for the future of the bioeconomy in the Rhenish mining area.

to the online participation platform (german)

Innovation Award BioökonomieREVIER
Are you a BioTHINKer?

Wanted: Your idea for a bio-based economy for the Rhenish mining area! The first regional bioeconomy competition for students.

Send your video by 15 March 2021 and win up to €1,000.

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The BioökonomieREVIER APP (german)

What is happening in the bioeconomy in the region? Where are events taking place and what projects are there? A new app shows this information in a practical map format.

A plus point of the app: report your own bioeconomy activities and expand your personal network!

Free in the App Store for iOS and Android.

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Tiny Houses
Bioeconomy MOBILE

What is behind the term bioeconomy? So far, this is hardly known outside the scientific community. We want to change that!

In our rolling houses you can touch and experience the bio-based economy with augmented reality. Tiny houses travel through the region and show how new value creation can be created.

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Sustainable land use in the region
Civic participation for the bioeconomy

The citizens should be able to participate in the development of a model for sustainable bioeconomy and land use.

Innovative, dialogue-oriented offers are to involve the people of the region and allow them to help shape the process. This citizen participation is being developed by the Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy (CURE).

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Anke Krüger


Koordinierungsstelle BioökonomieREVIER

02461-61 85448

Sonja Knobbe


Centrum für Umweltmanagement, Ressourcen u. Energie, CURE

0234-32 24029


Explained: what is civic participation?

Participation or co-creation of citizens in a planning and decision-making process through information, consultation or cooperation.

In the Rhenish mining area, there is a separate participation process on the topic of bioeconomy for the conversion of the region into a bio-based economy.