More value creation and sustainability

New income sources for farmers through bioeconomy

The best soils and a mild climate are ideal conditions for producing high-quality food in the Rhenish mining region. The food and animal feed industries are therefore strongly positioned in the region. 

Domestic agriculture is facing various structural transformations. In addition, climate change and the loss of surface area are pushing us to rethink agricultural practices. The aim is to create new, innovative sources of income – with a view to produce valuable raw materials, add value to bio-based residual materials and protect the environment. 

The agricultural sector should continue to provide the population in the Rhenish mining region with safe, regional food.

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Agriculture and food sector
"Raw materials and nutrition", study by Prognos

What is the bioeconomy potential of the agricultural and food sector in the Rhenish mining region? And how do biomass material flows look like? 

An important milestone on the path to regional actionable recommendations.

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On site
The bioeconomy open field day

In Morschenich-Alt at our profile site for bioeconomy, you can experience how innovative concepts for the agriculture of the future look like in practice. 

The first open field day took place in summer 2022 and will be offered annually.

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Climate change on Rhenish soils
Can plant charcoal improve water and nutrient supply in soils?

With support from the AgroInnovationLabs, researchers are working with regional farmers to investigate the suitability of plant charcoal supplements for soil improvement on marginal fields. 

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Innovation labs
Innovative agriculture

Learn more about new technology and value creation approaches. Agricultural research at the interfaces to digitalization, automation, energy and resources, focusing on nature conservation and climate protection as important field of actions of BioökonomieREVIER.  

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Interview with Dr. Bernd Lüttgens
Opportunities for the Rhenish mining region

We asked the deputy managing director of the Rhenish Agricultural Association (Rheinischer Landwirtschafts-Verband RLV e.V.) how regional agriculture could look like in 20 years. 

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Innovative cultivation system

Agroforestry is a form of land use that combines trees and shrubs with arable crops or livestock on the same area. 

Join our regular digital agroforestry roundtable (held in German) and benefit from experiences from practice, consulting and research. 

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