Networking and consulting

The coordination office BioökonomieREVIER introduces itself

Networking and consulting are our daily business. We want to bring different people together for the bioeconomy in the region. Entirely in the sense of a bioeconomic circular economy, where circles close and sectors and processes come together that are not suspected to "fit together".

We - that is colleagues from different disciplines, based at the Institute of Plant Sciences of the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Research Centre Jülich, FZJ). Colleagues from the Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy (CURE), support the activities in the thematic focus of citizen participation.

Tasks of the coordination office:

  • Networking and advising across sectors
  • Survey and evaluation of innovation potential in the region
  • Promoting topic-related start-ups, running the BIOBoosteRR accelerator programme
  • Municipal contact for the bioeconomy: survey of bioeconomy profiles, funding advice, capacity building
  • Informing the public about the bioeconomy and its importance for people
  • Science: coordination of innovation labs for rapid transfer of promising research ideas to industry
  • Civic participation to establish a regional bioeconomy
  • Encourage people in the region to get involved! 

Overall task:

 All individual measures flow into concrete recommendations for a bioeconomy for the Rhenish Revier by summer 2021.


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Our vision: Becoming a model region for sustainable economic activity

The BioökonomieREVIER initiative is pursuing the goal of developing the Rhineland into a model region for sustainable economic activity with international appeal. The phase-out of lignite and climate change require structural change in the Rhineland. This should provide sustainable jobs for the local people and at the same time deal with the environment and resources in a sustainable manner.

more about the model region (german)


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Our mission: together for a local bioeconomy

Together with stakeholders from business, agriculture, research, education, local authorities and the public, concrete recommendations for a sustainable bioeconomy in the Rhineland will be developed by summer 2021 - from the region for the region. Here we benefit from more than ten years of experience in the field of bioeconomy research in the Rhineland.