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08.05.2023 - 12.05.2023 Jülich

BioSC Summer School: Plastic and sustainable bioeconomy - How does that fit?

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BioSC International Summer School 2023

The event addresses mainly PhD students and advanced master students with a research focus in bioeconomy.

In this Summer School they will get the big picture about plastic and its challenges. They will learn about approaches to produce new plastics (e.g. Polylactide) from bio-based feedstocks. They will learn what chemical and bio-based approaches exist to degrade fossil-based plastics (such as PET) and make them available again for new manufacturing processes and where the limits and challenges lie. What does it take to do a Life Cycle Assessment, taking into account logistics, supply chain management and resource management? Students will have the opportunity to work on case studies in small groups.

The Summer School will take place from the 8th – 12th May, 2022 at RWTH Aachen. It is limited to 20 participants. Participation is free of charge and includes accommodation and breakfast/lunch/dinner. The accommodation is centrally organized by the BioSC office. In individual cases support for travel expenses may be granted.

Please find attached the flyer with further information. It has an A0 format for printing and posting at notice boards. Please spread this information within your community and specially to interested doctoral students.

Registration is open until March 16th 2023.


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Ingar Janzik
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften IBG-2