17.06.2020 13:00 - 16:00 Uhr

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VERANSTALTUNG BioTexFuture – Biobased textiles from sustainable raw materials

Are you ready for a sustainable restart of the textile industry after COVID-19?

Digital Kickoff of the BMBF innovation space "BioTexFuture" on 17 June 2020 at 13:00. BIOTEXFUTURE is a five-year research program in which we hope to create the transition to a biobased textile industry through funded cooperative projects.

Motivation and goals of BioTexFuture
Of the 100 million tons of fibers processed annually worldwide in the textile and clothing industry, man-made fibers alone account for around 70 million tons. Forecasts even predict a further increase in this overweight of plastic material compared to natural raw materials. To date, 98% of the plastics used consist of crude oil (petroleum-based man-made fibers) and only two percent of renewable raw materials (bio-based man-made fibers). However, the production of plastics from crude oil is associated with a wide variety of ecological, social and economic problems. A fundamental change of direction is therefore urgently needed.
This change of direction is currently being prevented by technical, economic and social obstacles. The bio-based man-made fibers currently being researched are either uneconomical to produce or do not meet the technical and qualitative requirements of their application. Furthermore, due to a heterogeneous and fragmented market, bio-based man-made fibers can hardly be used in the currently established processes and supply chains. In combination with a lack of public awareness, this results in the following goals for BioTexFuture.

Vision and goals of BioTexFuture
BioTexFuture's vision is to convert the textile value chain from petroleum-based to bio-based. Based on this vision, there are three core objectives:
1. BioTexFuture is developing a bio-based raw material basis for plastics that are holistically sustainable (economically, ecologically, socially).
2. BioTexFuture maps the application in the textile industry from the biopolymer to the manufacture of the complete textile.
3. BioTexFuture addresses the overall societal transformation to a bioeconomy from a social and economic perspective.

Structure of the innovation program
The BioTexFuture innovation program is a publicly funded research program consisting of several independent research projects that work together to achieve the overarching vision. The first projects cover the areas of substrate and material development, product and process development, textile finishing and recycling management. In addition, new projects – and thus also new partners – can be added during the term of BioTexFuture. Right from the start, the project portfolio also includes a transfer project to ensure the transfer of project results to society (e.g. by real laboratories) and a project management office to ensure professional programme management.

Program management
The Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University, represented by the director of the institute, Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries, heads BioTexFuture together with the Institute for Sociology (Prof. Dr. Roger Häußling) from a research perspective. adidas AG manages BioTexFuture from an industry perspective.

Please register here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/beedba198dcf4a35975a076c91baa367

Kickoff Factsheet [PDF, 114.12 KB, nicht barrierefrei]


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